Hi Karen,

I am loving watching your videos and learning more about the ouija board. I especially loved when Panzer came through and Rodney teared up. He is such a sweetheart; you are lucky to have such a perfect board partner. Mine tends to dominate the board and stops to answer her phone. I find that slows the momentum and the spellings of words get lost. It’s so important to find someone you are compatible with but I have slim pickings in the small town I live in. I do want to graduate into doing it alone. I think I will get further with it eventually. I’m preparing myself for solo boarding. I don’t have 40+ years behind my belt like you but I have never had a problem connecting with anyone right away either. I hope to someday get the kind of wisdom you receive.

Last night we got a friend of my board partner to come through and when we asked how is the best way for us to progress here, she said “The only good way is death.” So what do you think she means by that? Is she talking about progressing into the next life or next realm? What is your take on this?

Also they seem to get dates wrong such as the year they were born, usually by only a few years. Why don’t they remember things like that? They struggle with spelling too sometimes. Is that somehow connected to us or is time just difficult for them? We like to ask questions to validate that we are really talking to them and mostly they get it right. We’ve only been doing this for two months so it may just be a learning curve for all of us. We have had good communication with loved ones, a few guides and a rogue spirit or two that we had to tell to leave. This being the most haunted town in Texas, I have to be careful who comes through. :-).

I try to educate myself as much as I can and am reading your books and watching a lot of your videos on Youtube. Thank you for showing us how to do this safely. Spirit communication is a hobby of mine, sort of and this has been the only thing to work for me so far. Love to get to connect with my parents again and I was able to rescue my Dad from the lower realms. He says he is studying now. I asked what and he said Death. He was an atheist so he has a lot to learn. And another miracle, besides him cracking a book, is he said he was wrong!  LOL.

Thank you for your time,



Hello KW~

I’m happy to hear that you have found my videos and are finding them helpful as you learn more about using the Ouija/Talking Board as a means for communication with the other realms and sentient beings.

Yes, it is super important to find a “solid” board partner who can remain focused while pursuing this art-form of spirit communication. Sharing a similar focus, like-mindedness, like-heartedness and similar spiritual development will help a duo at the Board go a long way. Check out the video I did about choosing a partner–what to look for and how that matters! LINK.

If your partner is not focused or serious about this or just goofing around and easily distracted, you may be better off learning to use this tool by yourself in the interim. Since you already know what it feels like when the planchette moves, you will have a better time using it by yourself than someone who just attempts to use this tool by oneself from the get go. That person will not know how the subtle pull/tug of the planchette feels. You have already experienced this. That is half the battle!

One thing to keep in mind when you first start using this tool, is to NOT trust the accuracy of the messages! This is important to heed. When you are new at this tool (and new can be for many months and even years! It’s really dependent upon the individual and their own internal/spiritual development) be very hesitant to place much credence on the messages. They will be inaccurate in the beginning. This is because you are still learning to make connections, learning to trust your participation, your partner’s participation, your own beliefs, perceptions and fears–yes any/all fears that you bring to this tool and your sessions. Everything conscious and unconscious will play into your sessions. Plus, if you desire and believe that you will get creepy/scary things, you will. On the other hand, if you desire personal and spiritual development, you will get that. HOWEVER, it does take a lot of time to build up your own energy and your energy combined with your partner’s energy and the energy connecting with “their” energies to receive solid transmissions.

When everyone starts with this tool, they/you/all will find oneself working in what I call the “Dead Zone,” which is the lower astral levels. It will take time to work yourself through there. Within these realms you will receive reflections of your own fears, your limiting beliefs about the world and the afterlife and any spoon fed dogma received within this lower zone. This is why it is so important to have another serious student of the dimensions/realms with whom to work this tool as your partner because if not, your work will not progress beyond this hodgepodge, dodgy and dicey interactions and information that is more easily accessible here. This is not to scare you, but instead it is to advise you to not hold onto the messages received as valid and as truth within these realms. Even if you are able to bring in a deceased loved one, take it with a grain of salt in the beginning. The communications in the beginning will be greatly distorted by you as the instrument. Any of your prejudices, beliefs and filters of how you view the world and yourself within it will inevitably influence the messages. This is normal and a part of the process.

So much more goes into using this tool than just sitting down and requesting contact, that is, if you want deeply, significant, spiritual messages that are meant to assist you to become the greatest person that you are meant to be and assist you along your journey. This type of information to come through requires the desire and intention of the Board Operators to get there. So, while you are having your sessions, write everything down and view it as entertainment. Over time, you will review the messages and you will see how they measure up over time. You will see if they are consistent, if they are positive, if they are telling you what to do or are allowing you to make your own decisions, if they are mostly gibberish or so over the top that they are ridiculous, you will get to see this and make your own judgements of the material. Just be patient during this time.

Here is a video about Navigating the Dead Zone
Here is a blog about Trusting the Accuracy of the Messages 

Also, endeavor to develop a “control” or a master/mistress of ceremony, a bouncer,  a gatekeeper, as I discuss in the book. This individual will be someone with whom you will begin to become familiar with and over time, may prove to be a great source of assistance when it comes to weeding through the various beings that you will be in communication with. She/he will help sort through the BS. Again, be patient with this process and never trust anyone/everything you receive and right away. Do know that it took 21 years for me to bring in The Guides, but I did have other great teachers who came in along the way who were solid and trustworthy. However, it was all a process with them and more importantly, a process within myself of self discovery that included much inner, spiritual work on myself away from the Board.

Stay focused on your goals with this tool and you will go infinitely far with your communications and interactions within the other dimensions.

Happy Boarding!


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

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