How often do you wait for the muse of inspiration to knock on your door?

Sure, inspiration will eventually make its rounds, but you can also increase your experiences of inspiration by creating them yourself. You can access and create inspiration from within your own being, all the while augmenting your current sources of inspiration.

The word inspiration is derived from the Latin root spirare, meaning, breathe and the preposition in yielding the meaning to breathe out or into. Thus, to be inspired, you must learn to focus on your inner world from where all your actions, reactions and experiences emanate. How do you achieve this focus? Here are six steps you can take:

1. Demystify inspiration. During moments of inspiration, a connection between your conscious and your unconscious is established. At these moments, your unconscious comes through unhindered. Inspiration slips in when you allow the flow of breath (creative energy) to connect the unconscious with the conscious. This happens when you surrender for a moment, let go of outcome and breathe. Often the most inspiring moments occur when you learn to remove yourself from the outcome.

2. Take responsibility. You must actively work to become inspired and you can only feel inspired if you have your heart tuned in  properly. This means you must actively participate on an internal level with whatever you feel might inspire you (artwork, music, literature, sports).

3. Debunk the anguish myth. It is often believed that the inspired life requires pain. This is a farce. Inspiration can come out of hardship, but it is not necessary. Inspiration flows when your consciousness removes its guard and your unconscious has a turn. When you feel stuck while working on something, stop and breathe. Take a break from it. Do not fight it and create unnecessary turmoil. Instead, take a moment and reframe your thoughts about your project. See it as flowing smoothly out of you, not to you.

4. Have patience. A gestation period is associated with inspiration. Provide a conducive atmosphere. Inspiration can’t be forced or controlled. However, you can make an effort to bring it about by being patient, while you feed your inner world by taking notice of inspirational moments. You can receive more inspiration when you understand that these gifts may not be packaged as you wish them to be.

5. Capture  the moment. Keep a visual or written journal of inspirational memories and inspiring thoughts, poems and pictures. Be in the habit of carrying paper and pen with you at all times because you never know when insights, reveries and the “ah ha” experience will occur. By providing attention to these experiences, you are sending a message to your inner world and unconscious mind to create more of these events within your life.

6. Breathe. Remember to breathe. Pause. This small pause, when you remember to “breathe into”, allows you to let go of conscious  control, and allow the unconscious its space to maneuver. Breathe. Remember to breathe into. Pause. Give credence to your inner musings. Remind yourself to make contact with the inner world first, allowing your behaviors to enter the outer world as they flow from your inner world thoughts. Think and feel before you respond. Take that extra breath before you react or speak. This will make a difference in what you say and how you say it. By listening, supporting and giving attention to your inner world, you will create increased moments of inspiration.

True genius is born from the pathways of inspiration. You will become this genius when you own your inspiration.


Karen A. Dahlman ©

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