Dear Karen, I recently heard you on Darkness Radio and was very interested in everything you had to say. I wish I knew what I am supposed to do with my life and thought maybe something in-line with your discussion could help.

Take care, Joe


Hello Joe ~

I so appreciate your honest and humble question. It’s a quandary many have and I am honored you would follow your intuition and reach out to me. So, let me take a stab at it.

I truly believe that any one of us can recall what it was that made us “tick” when we were children. We had incredible dreams, imaginations and far-reaching goals, especially growing up in the United States or other first world countries. We favored certain activities, experiences and musings over other things. We dreamed and we dreamed big. If we only knew then that those dreams were the bread crumbs leading us back to what our purpose, drive and passions were, are and could be within our lives, we would have paid more attention. However, we didn’t know. How could we?

So, fast forward. Here we are not knowing what we are “supposed” to be doing while we are being bombarded by the media, internet and various institutions, telling us what we “should” be, “should” be thinking and “should” be doing. So, in the midst of this, we can easily get lost in the proverbial “shoulds” when we listen to all of the hype bombarding us and spoon-feeding us this and that! It’s very common to feel somewhat lost to what we want to do, as we must sift through all that is being thrown at us in a neat little package that tells us how our lives “should” look!

Now, please bear with me….

If you could for a moment, just look at yourself honestly. Review the things you enjoy, what you like doing, what interests you, what “floats your boat” and what “makes you tick,” and ask yourself, what are these things? Now, don’t look at this from the standpoint that you MUST make money—a living. Yes, I know that you must make a living, but for the time being, suspend that thought and place it aside. Instead, we are trying to look at what your proclivities are. You didn’t ask me, what would make money or a living? No, instead you asked, “what I am supposed to do with my life?” So, I am endeavoring to help you uncover that. All the while, you still go forward making a living, as you need to keep yourself supported within this world with what you know right now.

However, you must separate money and living the life others want for you and what you’ve been told to do from what you LOVE to do! Period. You have to seriously take inventory of what excites you. You may need to take some time to think about it. Do this thinking while you are alone so whatever comes up for you is not judged or discounted. Revel in the privacy of self-discovery where there is no need to defend your thoughts with another. Just take an inventory of what it is that (are you ready?) BRINGS YOU THE GREATEST JOY! PERIOD.

Put your finger on it. Feel its pulse. Now, what can you do in your power right now to move closer to it? Again, this is not about thinking “How can I make money doing this?” No, instead, this is about “How can I bring this into my life more readily so I may imbibe in it and feel joy every time I pursue it! Can I enjoy this on the weekends? Can I incorporate this into my current world, life, work or evenings?”

SECRET: When you learn to include within your life your passions (those things that get you most excited, happy and experiencing joy) a really cool thing happens and that cool thing that happens is that the Universe, within her great mysterious powers, truly hears your wishes, sees that you are adhering to your passions (the gifts you came here to express), and events, circumstance, people and even opportunities realign themselves around your expression within the world. They start to show up within your world in prolific ways and often right under your nose. You must make that shift yourself. Tell yourself that you are willing to follow your passions (in whatever capacity you can) and then, allow the synchronistic events to unfold without contriving them and without measuring them. The Universe wants every single one of us to live our passions and bring this into fruition. That means you too!

You see, it just takes a desire, then an action on your part towards those desires. Now, take inventory and re-invite those musings back into your life! With each step, make this a delightful walk in the park of your dreams.

I wish you the best in becoming you!


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