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Channeled Messages of Inspiration from the Collective Group of Source Wisdom known as The MOON

Your Ideas in a Hat

MOON Message - 2/16/17: Do you know that if you put all of your ideas in a hat and pulled them out one at a time, you would pull them out in the correct order? Questions to Ponder: The Guides are speaking to the perfection found in the natural progression or unveiling...

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Your Greatest Desire

MOON Message - 1/26/17: What you truly desire cannot be bought. Questions to Ponder: Take a few moments and drill down to what it is that you desire most. Be honest with yourself. What is this greatest desire? Since it doesn't come with a price tag, what can you do to...

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Life Experiences

MOON Message - 1/27/16: Life doesn't flow to you. Life flows THROUGH you and life happens THROUGH you. You are the creator of your life experiences! It's that simple. Questions to Ponder: Here The Guides are telling us that life's experiences are a by-product of our...

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Your Ability to Swim

The MOON - 12/31/16: Whether the water is shallow or deep, Source always knows what your ability to swim is. It is up to you to handle what you create while you swim through the seas of life. If you do not like what you create, then change something. It's that simple....

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A Reason for Joy!

The MOON - 12/24/16: This is the time of great joy in this world and all time. Time as we have tried to explain to you is not linear. Do you know that in every time and in all civilizations that there is the story of a virgin birth and a death and resurrection? Do you...

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Deception of Sight

The MOON - 12/8/16: When you choose to see only that which is visible to your eyes, you are easily deceived. Questions to Ponder: How many times have you heard the idiom, "there is more than meets the eye?" In this message, the Spirit Guides are advising us that what...

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A Day of Thanks

The MOON  - 11/23/16: Thanksgiving is built on Source principles and not what most in your time believe. It was your George Washington that first decreed this day to thank God for the blessings bestowed on this country (USA) that would lead all of mankind into a world...

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The MOON - 11/6/16: Light and light: in the brightness of the light nothing is heavy, all is light. How SIMPLE is that! SIMPLE = Source Is My Perpetual Light Everywhere. Questions to Ponder: The Guides often express their points by using acronyms to aid in the memory...

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Align with Source

The MOON - 9/16/16: Take a moment to be that which you aspire to be and then in that moment you will see Source. Then simply create more of those moments. Questions to Ponder: Who are you meant to be? Is it possible that when you touch on this you feel aligned with...

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The Stories We Tell…

The MOON - 9/30/16: We have to tell you that there are neither problems nor solutions. There are only your stories. This is a very difficult concept to understand, but extremely necessary. Your stories are simple tales you tell that allow you to stay stuck in your...

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The Finest PR you can offer!

The MOON - 8/28/16: The finest Public Relations (PR) you can hope for is Personal Responsibility (PR.) Questions to Ponder: How we show up within the world is our "public relations," but how we choose to navigate the world is our "personal responsibility." It belongs...

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Mountain Manifestation

The MOON - 8/28/16: Stand at the top of the mountain and look back at where you came from, not at the bottom of the mountain and look up at where you want to be! Questions to Ponder: The Guides are suggesting that in order to be living the life of your...

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