MOON Messages

Channeled Messages of Inspiration from the Collective Group of Source Wisdom known as The MOON

A Journey’s Road

MOON Message - 8/18/17: The road for any worthwhile journey needs to be unclear. The water must be murky. Why is this? It is because the journey should be an adventure. If you can see the end of the road then where is the fun? Questions to Ponder: Instead of embracing...

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Making Choices

MOON Message - 8/16/17: Your society works off of two choices. Always look for the third option. Questions to Ponder: How often have you been stuck in black or white thinking? Is it either this way or that way, good or bad and is it yes or no? The Guides are reminding...

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Step One

MOON Message - 8/21/17: Step one: follow your greatest joy. Step two: repeat step one. Questions to Ponder: What step will you take?         About The MOON: These are channeled messages from the Collective Group of Energies known as "The MOON."...

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What is Death?

MOON Message - 6/29/17: Death is simply the absence of life, not of existence. Questions to Ponder: We tend to view death as a final ending, but what The Guides have explained is that life as we "think" we know it, merely changes form into another experience. The...

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Get High!

MOON Message - 8/8/17: How high is high? If you know this answer then you know limitations. Rise and keep rising. Questions to Ponder: The Guides are reminding us about the infinite reach of the Universe. How high, how far and how expansive will you allow yourself to...

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Leave Hope Behind

MOON Message - 8/8/17: Hope does not a creation make. The point we wish to make is create joy; leave behind expectations, thus merely hoping. Questions to Ponder: The Guides are asking us to live from an empowered space of conviction and knowing. Hope, no matter how...

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Follow the Moon…

MOON Message - 8/18/17: Follow the moon into the darkness and when the light again falls upon you, you will see that you are forever changed. Questions to Ponder: This message comes through while we are upon a new moon and a full solar eclipse. This particular new...

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The Source of Evil

MOON Message - 7/9/17: Evil is born upon a choice that arises from within. Evil is not influenced by an outside force although it manifests externally, its genesis is always crafted within. Every thought and every action is always born upon the power of free-will. You...

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Quiet versus Active

MOON Message - 5/23/17: Quiet is the mind of the student. Active is the mind of the teacher. Questions to Ponder: We are all students and teachers to each other throughout life. Do you know when you are in the role of the student and when you are in the role of the...

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Things to Leave Behind

MOON Message - 3/1/17: Things to leave behind: reality, filters, political considerations. Things to embrace: integrity, truth and joy beyond measure, which bequeaths the freedom to speak your truth! Questions to Ponder: Things and concepts that promote separation,...

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Your Greatest Joy

MOON Message - 3/1/17: Do not fear other's reaction on the way to your greatest joy. Questions to Ponder: Do you rely on or allow others' reactions to dictate what you do, how you do it, when and where you do it? Do you shy away from the pursuits of your dreams and...

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What Chains You?

MOON Message - 4/25/17: Are you familiar with the plight of the circus elephant? In the beginning of their training they have large chains around their foot and they are staked to the ground and they are helpless to move. After a short period of time they are...

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