Many gather and they come from near and far. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of every week of every month of every year for over three decades, thousands flock by the day to Abadiânia, Brazil dressed in white to attend the services of João Teixeira de Faria. Known around the world as simply, John of God, João de Deus holds a clinic for everyone who comes, free of charge, for the purpose of healing and transformation.


João says, “I do not heal anyone. God heals.”


João’s unique gift of healing comes in the form of mediumship, known as spiritism in Brazil, where he disengages from his body, becomes unconscious and allows a benevolent spirit to incorporate (inhabit his body) and perform psychic healings and physical surgeries. People claim miraculous healings from serious illnesses, diseases and conditions, as well as spiritual awakenings and enlightenment when they consult with any one of the Entities that inhabit João’s body during the services. Most amazingly, this man has dedicated his life since the age of sixteen (and now he is seventy-four) to serve humankind, working within this manner of mediumship.

If that doesn’t sound incredible enough, not only is one main Entity working through João’s body during a given session, there are many other disembodied spirits working simultaneously, providing more healings to the masses of people who are waiting in line to see him or who are assembled within the healing rooms in prayer or meditation. One step further, the Entities continue to work with everyone on the healings they seek even after they leave his healing center, the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola. I’ve been told that once you decide to visit the Casa, the Entities immediately hear your desire and commence their work on you.

The Casa itself is said to be located within a powerful vortex of energy and is built upon a large bed of quartz crystal. The symbol of the Casa is a triangle, representing the trinity of faith, love and charity. They consider this triangle as a portal or link to the Entities and many tuck their prayers for healing and photos of friends and loved ones into any of the three triangles that are positioned around the Casa. Daily they are collected and given to the Entity for blessings. It is said that one does not even need to be present at the Casa to receive the healings. Often people request long distance healings by having someone present their photo to the Entity either by going in front of the Entity or placing the photo within the triangle. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer underwent such of a remote psychic surgery (intervention) after he had been living with his diagnosis of leukemia for two years. He believed he was cured of leukemia through this experience with João de Deus. After his death four years later, the coroner’s report indicated that Wayne did not have a trace of leukemia in his body. Instead, he died from a heart attack during his sleep.

Knowing all of these incredible reports of healing and transformation, I traveled to Abadiânia, Brazil last month and devoted twelve focused days to experience João de Deus’ work. I first learned about psychic healers back in the early nineties, while I was studying hypnosis and regression therapy with a clinical psychologist, Dr. Coletta Long. Coletta had a personal healing encounter with a psychic healer in the Philippines years earlier. I was intrigued with her story and had so many questions that Coletta showed me her personal video from this encounter. The video captured her skin being opened with a crude instrument at the healer’s hands. His hands entered her skin and pulled out a dark mass. Mind you, all of this was done without any anesthesia and with very little blood shed. After she recovered from this healing, she returned to the United States and went to her surgeon who had told her a couple weeks earlier that she needed immediate brain surgery to remove a life-threatening clot in her brain as a result of a blow she suffered to her head in a freak ladder accident. The surgeon couldn’t believe the results of her latest tests that revealed the clot was now nonexistent! I was extremely flabbergasted by her story that I began researching and reading about this phenomenon and in the process, discovered the psychic healers of Brazil, specifically João de Deus, knowing that one-day I would visit him.

Flash forward twenty-five years and I’m standing in line to meet the incorporated João de Deus in the little town of Abadiânia, Brazil. Surreal, to say the least. As the line files through the doors, I enter into a room with wooden benches, like pews in a church, facing our entering line. Beautiful, uplifting music sung in Portuguese was playing in the background while a woman during that particular session was chanting prayers in English with an Irish accent to the people sitting on the benches who had their eyes closed, arms and legs uncrossed and appearing to be in silent prayer or a deep meditation. I was taken aback by the devotion and unselfishness of these people who at that point had already been sitting in that same position for a couple of hours, holding what is called “The Current,” even before my line filed through the room. These people could end up sitting in there for up to four to five hours at a time. They say that being in Current is where some of the most remarkable healings occur. I would have to agree with this, as I spent as much of my time as possible being in Current. One of my sittings lasted just short of five hours. During this inwardly focused time, the various disembodied spirits are assisting you with your healings as you are anchoring in the divine vibration of love and releasing everything else that isn’t of a matching vibration. Fears, past wounds, debilitating thoughts and worries will come to the surface to be released since they can’t remain within this high vibrational Current.

The Current feels like a divine energy of unconditional love flowing through the rooms. People literally feel this energy. As my line moved from the first smaller room to the next larger room where even more people were sitting in silent meditation, holding the Current, I strongly felt this energy. It was the most incredible feeling I experienced while being at the Casa. It was intensely magnificent and filled my body, entering through the portal of my heart. As the line moved into the larger room, I could see João de Deus incorporated, sitting in a chair at the front of this room, greeting each person one by one, sometimes extending his hand and at other times, just glancing and saying something in Portuguese. On that particular day, the Entity known as Dr. Augusto de Almeida was incorporated within João’s body. He was the first Entity I met. I ended up meeting a total of three different Entities during my visit, including Dr. Oswaldo Cruz and Dr. Jose Valdivino. Remember, these Entities are disembodied spirits who now inhabit João’s body to perform their healing feats. People who work there know which Entity is present because they have come to recognize the mannerisms and personalities expressed as they do their work.

It was my turn to go in front of the Entity. So, I walked up and presented my petition (which contains one’s written desires for “healing”) to the interpreter who quietly stated them in Portuguese to the Entity. The Entity reached out his hand to mine, I took it and for a brief moment, he looked at me with crystal blue eyes and spoke something in Portuguese. The interpreter told me that I was to receive a psychic surgery that afternoon! After being directed by the interpreter to move through another smaller room where even more people were silently holding the Current, our line was finally guided out the building and back into the light of day. Whoa! What just happened as I filed past several hundred people holding Current and had my first encounter with the Entity?

I was most definitely curious to experience and learn more so I headed back that afternoon to once again file through the rooms filled with the Current and take my seat on a bench in a side room with others who were also present to receive their psychic surgery. Within this room, we were asked to sit on the benches with our arms and legs uncrossed and our right hand over our hearts. We were asked to keep our eyes closed during the entire procedure. We started immediately. Prayers were said in Portuguese and we sat in silence, focused inwards. What seemed like maybe twenty-five minutes had passed, the Entity entered the room and spoke in a deep, booming voice. From the region of my heart I unexpectedly felt what I would describe as a massive wave of light, infusing within my chest that resonated three times. It was an intense energetic sensation that left me feeling emotional. The Entity left the room and we were hurriedly directed out of the room to leave the building. Immediately feeling tired, my group and I were quickly escorted to taxis and shuttled back to our pousadas (guesthouses) so we could go to bed.

Once back in my room, I knew the protocol to follow. I was to remain alone, be silent and to sleep as much as possible. This was considered the recovery time from the psychic surgery. During my visit, I underwent two such psychic surgeries and slept afterwards for anywhere from thirteen to sixteen hours. In addition, for seven days following the procedure, the protocol requests limiting oneself from any physical exertion or extraneous exercise. One week later, post psychic surgery, the Entities visit during the night to remove the psychic surgery invisible “sutures.” I don’t have a recollection of this type of visit, but I did experience several profound dreams during my stay where the Entities and João de Deus came to me and shared personal and relevant messages. On two occasions a very distinct, disembodied male voice audibly spoke to me, wakening me out of my slumber. It felt as if the voice spoke directly into my ear. Dreams for me have always been one of the best ways I can venture into other realms and I felt as if they were using this accessible avenue to interact with me for that reason.

Many who travel there are already healers and they come to learn and to expand their gifts and abilities—to become more effective healers. Others come to seek a spiritual awakening or transformation within an area of their lives. No matter the reason for coming to the Casa, all who come there will be exposed to an outpouring of the purest love and will gain personal amazing benefits by being open. The key to gaining what one seeks, we were told, is that the Entities will assist, but the real transformation and change occurs when we do our part. This means releasing anything that holds one back, including negative thoughts, obsessions and destructive habits.

Experiencing all that the Casa provides means spending less time plugged into electronics and more time plugged into the inner self and right brain functions. Sitting in the Current, spending time in solitude, relaxing, meditating and self-reflecting are the daily staple. Focusing on matters of the heart, such as forgiveness, gratitude and love are encouraged and basking in the calm blissful energies felt from being silent and still, supports one’s transformation and self responsibility for it.

It was amazing to discover how many of the people I met at the Casa were repeat visitors, often on their fourth, tenth or twelfth visit! They shared such astonishing stories of healing and positive change from either their personal experience or from those of their loved ones. Some were so deeply affected during a prior visit that they packed up their lives and move to Abadiânia to work at the Casa or became a guide who now brings groups of people there. I too had my own transformative experiences during my stay, including, what I would call, several energetic transmissions during Current and surgery, synchronistic events and of course, my dream visits from the Entities and João de Deus during my stay. Now, having been back in the states for a month, I’m still experiencing personal shifts related to my petition and prayers. I’m hearing from some friends and loved ones whose pictures I had brought with me and placed in the triangle on their behalf, some positive happenings for them as well. I feel that this is a place for initiating real magic from within and for receiving a deeply transformative experience to last, no doubt, a lifetime.

João de Deus does serve as a brilliant channel grounding the divine energy of the God Source within his clinic and to the people who come. I am even more convinced now than ever, after being there, that it is the people in attendance willingly giving of themselves, who affect great change through the channel of their hearts found in faith, love and charity, the trinity of the triangle. Through devotedly holding the Current of love for others’ healings, ultimately contributes to the shift they find within their lives. It is through their unselfish giving of this most powerful and most transformative energy of the heart, which is unconditional love, that ends up bringing the healings and changes they desire. By witnessing the devotion of João de Deus to humankind, we are reminded of a role model for positive change and the transformation one person can literally bring into the world. By being a willing participant and believer in the healing one seeks, promotes movement beyond the rational mind and into the heart where the curative and transformative, unconditional Current of Love resides. A wise being of Source Wisdom once told me, “Love is the source of everything and Source is love. Love is the starting point.”

João de Deus reminds us to find love, that starting point, within ourselves.


Karen A. Dahlman ©

Author of: The Spirit of Alchemy: Secret Teachings of the Sacred Reunion