Art of Spirit Series

By Karen A. Dahlman

Creating Your Sacred Space

A sacred space can be a tangible or mental place where you encourage yourself to transcend the arena of the secular and enter into the realm of the venerated. This space promotes transmutation of your material matters, worries and concerns into a timeless sanctuary of...

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Being out of the Body

Question: I have recently had what can only be described as a near death experience...and it has me still thinking about it. I am wondering what your thoughts on near death experiences and being caught in the in between...or another dimension...where you are separated...

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Seed Money

Money may not grow on trees, but it does abound on the ground! How many times have you found a penny or two on the ground? Did you pick it up or just walk on by? When I see a penny on the ground it always brings to my mind the little saying, “If you see a penny pick...

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Fueling Your Intentions

With any desired outcome, spiritual practice or deliberate interactions with energies, you will hear a lot of talk about the focus of your intentions: what do you want, what do you desire, what do you intend to create, what do you intend to draw to you, and the list...

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The Creation Spirit

Long, long ago before the dawn of time as we know it, life existed as spirit. Spirit was pure, potential energy. As Spirit imagined so it experienced. Spirit enjoyed working with its faculties of imagination. It knew that anything was and is possible. Great delight...

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Karen A. Dahlman

Karen A. Dahlman

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